Monday, June 09, 2008

20th Anninversary of Jammin Jim-continued

Well the Blues Marathon is over. Thanks to all of you who pledged your support for KKUP. Be sure to get your pledge forms in because we really need the money!

As far as my 20th Anniversary Party goes, it continues on my next show (Wednesday, June 18th from 2-5 PM)! Twenty years is a long time, so the celebration should last a long time. Anyway, once I started looking through my archives, I couldn't stop!

I gathered a lot more songs than I could ever use during my two-hour segment of the Blues Marathon, so I'm going to play sets of those songs in my upcoming shows. This is a very exciting and changing process because I am continually finding songs that I really want to play.

I have a lot of my old favorites worthy of the name Best of the Best, so you're sure to enjoy these parties. I know that I am. It's like looking through the past.


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