Monday, April 21, 2008

20th Anniversary of Jammin' Jim (Intro)

It's hard to believe, but August of this year marks the 20th Anniversary of Jammin' Jim. Twenty years ago in August, the editor of Music Referral Newspaper dubbed me Jammin' Jim by naming my column on Open Jams with that name. I really liked the name and started using it...and I have kept using it long after Music Referral Newspaper was ancient history.

I'm going to feature several events in honor of Jammin' Jim's 20th Anniversary starting with a special 20th Anniversary show. This show will air on Sunday, June 8th starting at 1:00 PM. It will be part of the KKUP Blues Marathon and happen just before the live music starts, so there will be plenty of excitement.

In this special show, I'm going to feature the up-and-coming Blues Artists of the past and present that I have featured on my show. Some of the songs will be Jammin' Jim's Golden Oldies. These will be nothing like what you think of as oldies because most of you have probably never heard these songs. They were never played on the Oldies stations, and they were hits only on my shows Late Night City Blues and Damn Traffic.

Of course, some of the artists who performed these Golden Oldies have gone on to be very successful.

I will air a special preview show on June 4th that will give you a taste of Jammin' Jim's Golden Oldies, so be sure to stay tuned to this blog and 91.5 FM for more information on these and other special events.

I'm starting to see some really cool open jams listed on the band web sites out there, and that's giving me some ideas for follow-ons for the 20th Anniversary of Jammin' Jim. In other words, there's a lot more festivities coming your way in this 20th year of featuring the best of the up-and-coming Blues Artists. I've only just begun...


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