Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"The Thread that Ties Everybody Together"

I interviewed Rene Solis Wednesday on my show Damn Traffic. Rene is a South Bay Blues afficianado. We talked about Rene's upcoming performances and other Blues happenings.

I have known Rene for almost 20 years, and we have become good friends. When we run into each other, we like to talk about the "old days" and being that we have known each other for so long, there are lots of old days to talk about. Since we weren'table to talk about everything in the short time that I interviewed Rene on the air, I thought that I would add some more details to my blog for those that want more than what was presented in the on-air interview.

I have really had the opportunity to get to know Rene because we work at the same company.

Rene has really helped to keep the Blues alive in the Bay Area and especially in the South Bay. Along with his extensive performances with NiteCry and his other performances, he always comes to help out by performing at benefits and other social events.

Rene is the founding member of the South Bay's own NiteCry. Rene also hosts Blues Guitar Extravagnzas with various local Blues celebrities. His band Lucky 13 backs everyone up in a big way. A lot of different Blues guitarists have joined him for these events over the years.

René Solis, Volker Strifler, and Garth Webber all started out at Blue Rock'It Records (owned by Pat Ford of the Ford Blues Band). "That's the thread that ties everybody together," said Rene during our interview.

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