Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Concert Calendar (April 2008)

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Wed Apr 16
JJs - Gene Washington
Lara Price and Friends "unplugged""
Featuring Ken Harill and Endre Tarczy
Walter Trout - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco
Jake Mackey & the Muddy Suns - The Bistro, Hayward

Thu Apr 17
JJs - Soul Xcetra
Jerry Miller Band - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco

Fri Apr 18
JJs - Amy Lou's Blues
Lou's Pier 47, San Francisco
Andy Santana - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco

Sat Apr 19
JJs, San Jose - SLATE then
Delta Wires - Mojo Lounge - Fremont
Frank Bey - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco

Sun Apr 20
Lou's Pier 47, San Francisco
Stan Erhart - The Old Princeton Landing, Princeton by the Sea (7:30 PM Pro Blues Jam)

Tues Apr 22
Lou's Pier 47, San Francisco
5PM - 11PM Stan Erhart

Wed Apr 23
JJs - Bad Cats
Michael Osborn
Lou's Pier 47, San Francisco

Thu Apr 24
Jake Mackey & the Muddy Suns - Ohlone College, Fremont (11 AM)
JJs, San Jose - Jude Lozon and Scrumptious then
Sneaky Pete
Rod Piazza - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco

Fri Apr 25
Chris Cain - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco
Lou's Pier 47, San Francisco

Sat Apr 26
Blues Cadillac - FireHouse Grill & Brewery - Sunnyvale (7:30 PM)
Delta Wires - Lou's Pier 47 - San Francisco
Earl Thomas - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco

Tue Apr 29
Michael Burks - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco

Wed Apr 30
JJs - HMB Part 2 then Jimmy Dewrance
Lou's Pier 47, San Francisco

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Blues is Where It's At

There really is no other music that I dig like the Blues. Of course, you might expect me to say that being that I'm a Blues DJ who's been on the air for more than a decade.

Believe it or not, there have been moments when I looked at some of the bigger name DJs on the big rock n' roll stations and envied them for their popularity and special perks. However, things have changed from the old days when rock n' roll ruled the airwaves. In fact, they now call it Classic Rock. Kinda like Classic Cars. What they are really saying is "old rock" and "old cars."

I hadn't really thought about any of this for a long time. I was going along doing my radio show twice a month, and I was very happy with that.

Then, one day I had the sudden realization that there really was nothing to envy about any other radio trip. It hit me hard. I realized that I was working with what, in my opinion, is the best kind of music in the modern world and that I am in the best place to deal with it.

Oh, I hear the occasional song that really turns me on, but most of it is geared to younger people. I'm in my fifties, and most of the stuff I hear occasionally on the radio just doesn't cut it in my book. I've been around the block more than a few times and need some music that has been there too.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against the music of the younger crowd. In fact, I really enjoy some of it. I just need music that has the depth and experience of the Blues.

I also really love oldies. Although, I sometimes cringe at what they call oldies these days. When I hear a song on the radio from the 1980s and they call it an oldie, I start to feel like an oldie myself.

Anyway, I really like that "old time Rock n' Roll" because I grew up on that kind of music. I feel that a lot of what I like about oldies is the memories that I get when I hear them on the radio. Oldies remind me of when I was young.

Today's Blues, especially the up-and-coming Blues that I play on my show Damn Traffic, is where it's at as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, a lot of the elements that I like about Oldies has been naturally fused into the Blues. Today's Blues has major influences from Motown, Country, Jazz, old Rock, and just about every other oldies genre. It's always been the nature of the Blues to incorporate other forms of music and change them by improvisation. Improvisation is what makes these songs the Blues. In fact, improvisation defines the Blues and its kissing cousin Jazz.

Another thing that really turns me on is that many old rockers like Leslie West from the band Mountain and Alvin Lee from Ten Years After (remember Woodstock) have taken up with the Blues.

I really believe that many of them are really coming home because many great rockers were heavily influenced by the Blues, especially the electric Blues of the fifties and sixties. It's like Muddy Waters said, "Blues had a baby and named it Rock N Roll."

I really think that the same thing happened to them that happened to me. One day, I opened my eyes and realized that I wasn't missing anything at all being a Blues DJ because it's all happening in the Blues.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Concert Calendar: End of March 2008

For the complete club listings that were used to create this Calendar, see Concert Calendar Information Sources

Sat Mar 22
Shane Dwight - Lou's Pier 47 San Francisco, California 8PM
John Davis & the Sliders - Paradise Beach Grill - Capitola
JC Smith Band-Sly Mcfly's Refueling Station-Monterey
Mojo Lounge, Fremont-Kenny Blue Ray
Sonny Rhodes - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco

Sun Mar 23
Stan Erhart - (7:30 pm) @ The OPL, Princeton by the Sea (Pro Blues Jam) Half Moon Bay
Bill Kirchen/Austin DeLone - Little Fox - Redwood City

Tue Mar 25
Ed Earley - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco
John Davis & the Sliders - Michaels on Main - Soquel
Sugar Pie DeSanto - Yoshi's - San Francisco

Wed Mar 26
Poorhouse Bistro, San Jose (6PM)-RON THOMPSON & FRIENDS
Itals - Moe's Alley - Santa Cruz

Thu Mar 27
Chris Webster - Don Quixote's - Felton
Laurie Morvan - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco
Mighty Mike Schermer - Half Moon Bay Brewing - Half Moon Bay

Fri Mar 28
Poorhouse Bistro, San Jose (6PM)-PAMELA ROSE BAND
Johnny Fingers-Hecker Pass Winery-Gilroy (7PM)
Stan Erhart - (7-10 pm) @ Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, Princeton by the Sea
Chris Cain - Moe's Alley - Santa Cruz
Mojo Lounge, Fremont-John Nemeth
Delgado Brothers - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco
John Davis & the Sliders - Michaels on Main - Soquel

Sat Mar 29
Mojo Lounge, Fremont-Ron Thompson

Sun Mar 30
Stan Erhart - (7:30 pm) @ The OPL, Princeton by the Sea (Pro Blues Jam) Half Moon Bay

Tue Apr 1
Savoy Brown - Biscuits & Blues - San Francisco

Thurs Apr 3
Stan Erhart - (7-10 pm) @ The San Benito House, Half Moon Bay

Playlist 3/19/08

Song-Tme-Artist-CD Title
Damn Traffic-3:42-Take Your Best Shot-Smokin' Joe Kubek
Boogie Rambler-2:20-Honeyboy Edwards-Roamin' and Ramblin'
The Outskirts of Town-6:58-Emanuel Young-Live in Detroit
2:15 PM
Going Home-3:29-Sean Costello-We Can Get Together
Divin' Duck Blues-4:25-Sleepy John Estes-On The Chicago Scene
Swamp Thang-2:48-The Soul of John Black-The Good Girl Blues
2:26 PM
So Little Time-3:05-Catherine Russel-Sentimental Streak
Worried About My Baby-2:41-Sunnyland Slim-Highway 61
Touch Your Soul-4:26-Tari Lacourt-Better Late Than Never
The Bottom Line-4:50-Teresa James-The Bottom Line
I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On-4:21-Tommy Castro-Gratitude
2:46 PM
High Blood Pressure-3:49-Tommy Keys-Side Street Boogie
Love Her With A Feeling-5:47--Breakin' It Up, Breakin' It Down
Since You Brought Your Sweet Love-4:12-Betty Harris-Intuition
3:00 PM
Midlife Crisis, Midnight Flight-3:04-Smokin' Joe Kubek, Bnois King-Blood Brothers
Smokestack Lighting-4:10-Big Jack Johnson/Kim Wilson-Memphis Barbecue Sessions
P-Vine Blues-4:04-Big Joe Williams-I Got Wild
Gotta Love Somebody-6:04-Blue House Band-Who's in the House
3:20 PM
Lights Are On-11:23-Albert Collins-Live at Montreax 1992
Howlin' Wolf-3:57-Bobby Rush-Raw
She Suits Me To A T-4:32-Buddy Guy-Can't Quit the Blues (1 of 3)
Talking Loud-3:45-Deborah Coleman/Roxanne Potvin/Sue Foley-Time Bomb
Bad Boy-3:40-Eddie Taylor-Long Way from Home
The Sky Is Crying-4:00-Etta James-Blues to the Bone
3:58 PM
Apache-Jimmy Thackery-Guitar
4:00 PM 3/19/2008
Concert Calendar
Standing in the Safety Zone-2:40-The Fairfield Four-Standing in the Safety Zone
Higher Ground-6:14-The Blind Boys of Alabama-Higher Ground
God Don't Like It-2:25-Sister Rosetta Tharpe-The Gospel of Blues
I Heard the Angels Singing-4:02-Rev. Gary Davis-From Blues to Gospel
I Shall Not Walk Alone-5:37-The Holmes Brothers-Speaking in Toungues
Cold Water-5:22-Tom Waits-Mule Variations
4:26 PM
Rock Me Baby-4:09-Lara Price/Laura Chavez-Lara And Laura Unplugged
Sold Us Down the River-4:53-Lee Rocker-Black Cat Bone
Chicago Is Loaded with the Blues-6:12-Lurrie Bell-Let's Talk About Love
Nineteen Years Old [Live]-3:26-Magic Sam-Magic Touch
TB Blues-3:11-Maria Muldaur-Naughty, Bawdy and Blue
Rollin' And Tumblin'-3:00-Muddy Waters-The Best of Muddy Waters
White Boys Lost in the Blues-6:45-Paul Metsa and Sonny Earle-White Boy Lost in the Blues
Damn Traffic-3:42-Take Your Best Shot-Smokin' Joe Kubek

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"The Thread that Ties Everybody Together"

I interviewed Rene Solis Wednesday on my show Damn Traffic. Rene is a South Bay Blues afficianado. We talked about Rene's upcoming performances and other Blues happenings.

I have known Rene for almost 20 years, and we have become good friends. When we run into each other, we like to talk about the "old days" and being that we have known each other for so long, there are lots of old days to talk about. Since we weren'table to talk about everything in the short time that I interviewed Rene on the air, I thought that I would add some more details to my blog for those that want more than what was presented in the on-air interview.

I have really had the opportunity to get to know Rene because we work at the same company.

Rene has really helped to keep the Blues alive in the Bay Area and especially in the South Bay. Along with his extensive performances with NiteCry and his other performances, he always comes to help out by performing at benefits and other social events.

Rene is the founding member of the South Bay's own NiteCry. Rene also hosts Blues Guitar Extravagnzas with various local Blues celebrities. His band Lucky 13 backs everyone up in a big way. A lot of different Blues guitarists have joined him for these events over the years.

René Solis, Volker Strifler, and Garth Webber all started out at Blue Rock'It Records (owned by Pat Ford of the Ford Blues Band). "That's the thread that ties everybody together," said Rene during our interview.

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Playlist for March 5, 2008

Song-Time-Artist-CD Title
Damn Traffic-3:42-Take Your Best Shot-Smokin' Joe Kubek
Can't Find My Way Home-3:15-Blind Faith-20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Steve Winwood
I Got Wild-2:59-Big Joe Williams-I Got Wild
2:12 PM
Take a Look at Me Now-4:08-Reno Jones-Shrunken Heads
Since You Brought Your Sweet Love-4:12-Betty Harris-Intuition
Gotta Love Somebody-6:04-Blue House Band-Who's in the House
2:28 PM
Chinatown-5:12-Paul Filipowitz-Chickenwire
Boney Maroney-3:34-Bobby Rush-Raw
Done Got Old-3:24-Buddy Guy-Can't Quit the Blues (3 of 3)
Hitting on Nothing-2:57-Deborah Coleman/Roxanne Potvin/Sue Foley-Time Bomb
Stop Breaking Down-4:06-Eddie Taylor-I Feel So Bad
2:48 PM
House of the Rising Sun-4:35-Leslie West-Collection
Lie No Better-3:32-Etta James-Let's Roll
3:00 PM
Big Fat Woman-2:27-Catfish Keith-If I Could Holler
Georgia Slop-3:21-Finis Tasby-Jump Children!
It Hurts Me Too [Live][#]-4:11-Hound Dog Taylor-Release the Hound
Roy's Blues-8:15-James Thackery-Switching Gears
Fan the Flames-3:32-John "Juke" Logan-Chill (Re-Chilled)
Rollin' and Tumblin'-3:12-Johnny Shines-Heritage of the Blues: Skull & Crossbones Blues
3:26 PM
No Place to Go-3:50-Little Arthur Duncan-Live at Rosa's Blues Lounge
I Just Wanna Make Love To You-3:53-Lara Price/Laura Chavez-Lara And Laura Unplugged
Lost Highway-2:38-Lee Rocker-Black Cat Bone
Let's Talk About Love-2:36-Lurrie Bell-Let's Talk About Love
I Hate to See You Go [Live]-2:56-Magic Sam-Magic Touch
A Good Man Is Hard to Find-3:57-Maria Muldaur-Naughty, Bawdy and Blue
Rock Me-3:46-Muddy Waters-The Best Of Muddy Waters
Whistling Past the Graveyard-8:32-Paul Metsa and Sonny Earle-White Boy Lost in the Blues
3:59 PM
Concert Calendar
4:09 PM
Have a Little Faith-4:35-Mavis Staples-Have a Little Faith
I Shall Not Walk Alone-5:26-The Blind Boys of Alabama-Higher Ground
You Better Get Right-3:51-Rev. Gary Davis-From Blues to Gospel
4:21 PM
Interview with Rene Solis about Blues Guitar Extravaganza this Saturday at the Little Fox Theater in Redwood City
Step to Window B-4:40-NiteCry-Run for Cover
New Orleans-3:54-Roomful of Blues-Raisin' a Ruckus
Rock It-2:59-Roosevelt Skyes-Chicago Boogie
Bad Boy-2:44-Rusty Zinn-Sittin' & Waitin'
Will You Still Love Me-2:56-Sharrie Williams-I'm Here to Stay
You've Get the Devil Inside-4:04-Nick Moss and the Flip Tops-Play It Till Tomorrow
4:56 PM
Damn Traffic-3:42-Take Your Best Shot-Smokin' Joe Kubek